We have built our business by close client-agent relationship. This means that our customers have full right to question our employees about all aspects of the business and our people are there to answer them. This creates a secure connection between clients and agents we assign to them.

Clients as sellers and what they can get from us

A customer who seeks new owners for their property will start cooperation with us through the listing contract. This agreement gives us the right to seek buyers for that real estate. Pricing of the property is up to the client, but that price has to be decided by an appraisal from a right party. We also offer appraisal services, but you can ask a third party to appraise your property.  Whenever we find an interested buyer and get his offer, we contact the seller for their opinion, as they have to accept the offer to conclude the sale.

We have a plethora of ways through which we look for interested parties who would like to buy the property of the seller. This includes listing the offer on an MLS as well as other public listing locations. We also finish and provide the seller with disclosure about the condition of the property and other relevant info.

Whenever an individual demands our services in a real estate sale, our agents visit the property in question, and they take all the necessary steps before the actual sale starts. This includes tiding up the property to avoid dust and other mistakes to lower the original price. Another job of our agent is to finish all necessary documents, pamphlets, and other papers before they start advertising the property.

Our agent will act on your behalf


Advertising the property and dealing with possible buyers, whether they are actual people or their agents is the job we also do. We hold open house events where our agents lead groups of people through your property. We also negotiate the price instead of you, but our agent will close the deal only when you accept the price they reached in negotiations.


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