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About us

Why are we the best ?

Reason one

A highly skilled team of experts ensures the high-quality service we offer. Anything but the best service and client support is unacceptable to us.

Reason two

We are available 24/7. Our support works at all times, and you will be able to contact us and request our services whenever you want.

Reason three

Our connections with a plethora of other independent agents make it easy to find a cheap real estate for sale.

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What you can expect from us

The focus of our agency is set on residential houses, where we buy, sell and rent homes and apartments. Buyers can contact our associates, and they will work with them to find a perfect home for the client. They will take info about desired space, location and other...
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What can our clients expect out of us?

We have built our business by close client-agent relationship. This means that our customers have full right to question our employees about all aspects of the business and our people are there to answer them. This creates a secure connection between clients and...
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Listing contract and what rights it gives to our agency

The beginning of cooperation between the client and our agency comes in the form of the listing agreement. This gives our agent (and our company) the right to act on behalf of the client. This contract contains a list of points including the starting price of the...
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Our history

We have been in business for three years, and in that time we closed over one hundred sales, including commercial, residential and land real estate. Our appraising experts have finished over 150 appraisals in that time, and we helped over 100 clients to sell their property.

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What our customers say

“Working with Ibacbrazil is quite comfortable and enjoyable. Their appraisal agent was professional, and he gave me some valuable advice about selling the property” Eric Amin | Director

“I have only words of praise for Ibacbrazil and their agents for finding me an affordable real estate property,” John Sam | CEO

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3406 Del Dew Drive

Washington, Maryland, U.S.A.


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